Interest in, and experimentation with, AI text generation systems has exploded in the last 2 years. The catalyst for this was undoubtedly OpenAI adding GPT-3 to their open beta. GPT-3 is 117 times as powerful as it’s predecessor*. This quantum leap in capability combined with an easy-access API created a gold-rush of interest in AI content generation.

Keen to explore the uses and limitations of these systems, I have undertaken 3 pieces of new research relating to AI text content generation:

Agency leaders survey

A survey of agency leaders regarding their adoption of these systems, and future expectations for them  (n 64). Summary results from this are available on instant download from this page.

End user attitudes survey

A survey of 853 end users regarding their attitudes to different type of AI content. Results to be published October 2022.

Randomised blind trial

A blind split test of 289 users testing the difference in perception between human and non-human content.  Results to be published October 2022.

Summary results from the first of these studies is available to download below. The others will be presented at BrightonSEO in October 2022 and added to this website shortly after. Anyone downloading the report below will be notified when the others are made available.

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*based on variable count.


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