Agency Non-exec Director

Including an experienced agency leader as an independent Non-Executive Director can significantly strengthen the strategic decision-making in your business. I provide this function for a number of agencies, both as a standalone service for those with formalised board procedures and more informally as part of role as a Agency Advisor for those that don’t.

Whether or not you have a formal board, the right Agency NED / non-exec can bring Oversight, Experience and Objectivity to your business, helping you make more of the right decisions more quickly.

“As a lone agency founder, Mat has saved me from my ‘lonely at the top’ existence. Working with him has allowed me to bounce ideas and questions and benefit from his experience, insights and ability to get me to the core of an issue with (mostly) gentle questioning!”

-Duncan Davidson, Rohallion

Board of Directors or Informal Directorship?

Not all Agencies have (or need) a formalised board, but that doesn’t mean those that don’t can’t benefit from the advantages a seasoned NED brings. I see the NED role as an integral part of how I work as an Agency Advisor and offer that objectivity, and being accountability similar to how I do as part of a larger board.

Board of Directors

Most popular with larger agencies and those with less experienced founders, a board can consist of a number of Non-exec Directors alongside those holding executive functions. NED support in these is centred around monthly or quarterly board meetings and the preparation for them.

Cost: POA with pricing dependent on the commitment and preparation required.

NED as Advisor

Where no formal board sessions, my role as a Non-Executive Director as a component of a wider Agency Advisory offering. is held, I fill the role of NED as part of a broader Agency Advisory offering. This service blends Leadership Coaching and Mentoring with the strategic oversight typically provided by a Non-Exec

Cost: See work with me page, but starting at under £500/month


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