Agency Coach

Whilst I describe what I do as being an Agency Advisor, most founders and owners that I work with come to me looking for what they term an Agency Coach. Coaching Agency Leadership is a very large part of what I do. The coaching element is about helping you to find and implement solutions to the challenges and ways of capitalising on the opportunities facing your business. My work we me page explains more about how I see the three separate disciplines of Coaching, Mentoring and NED.

My approach to Coaching is an ongoing cycle of discovery, prioritisation and accountability. My aim is to help the Agency Leaders that I work with to prioritise what is most important to their business and to affect real change on those issues, despite the constant distraction of “Business as usual”.

“As a lone agency founder, Mat has saved me from my ‘lonely at the top’ existence. Working with him has allowed me to bounce ideas and questions and benefit from his experience, insights and ability to get me to the core of an issue with (mostly) gentle questioning!”

-Duncan Davidson, Rohallion

Why work with a specialist Agency Coach?

Many Agency Founders come to me having worked with a general business coach of some sort: Growth Coach, Executive Coach or similar. I’ve done the same myself in the past. Such coaches are often very at what they do, but by working with a broad range of business are not able to offer the same depth of understanding of the issues and opportunities specific to agency businesses.

Having built, grown and sold my own agency, I have decades of agency specific experience. I know the signs to look for both to nip issues in the bud before they can develop and to seize opportunities before they pass. Where general business coaches are focused on lowest-common-denominator issues, I help with those, as well of those that are distinct to the agency business model.

What does coaching cost, & how does it work?

Coaching is part of what I offer as an Agency Advisor. I see coaching alone as only part of the value I can bring to you and your agency so combine coaching with mentoring and non-exec cover in one simple, affordable package that starts at under £500 per month. Click the button to learn more.

All in one: Agency Coach, mentor & non-exec

Many agency owners in search of a coach are looking to fill gaps covered by a mentor and non-exec as well as a coach. I cover these three overlapping roles in one simple, effective offering as a comprehensive Agency Advisor. Click the button to learn more about how that works.