I am beginning a new piece of research looking at agency investment. This is likely to form a content piece and possibly a webinar sharing lessons learned from the research. Having sold an agency of my own, I get asked about this topic and lot and I would like to be able to share data around it that represents more than my own experience.

For the first part of this research I am looking to have some informal conversations with anyone who:

  • Has sold an agency or a stake in their agency
  • Has bought an agency, or invested in one
  • Has embarked on either of the above and pulled our for any reason

These conversations can be in confidence if preferred. The aim of these initial conversations is to identify possible patterns of interest. These will be used to inform a follow-up questionnaire.

If any of the above describe you and you would be happy to discuss this with me, I’d love to hear from you either on LinkedIn or via the contact form.