Agency Mentor

The mentoring side of my work gives the digital agency leaders I work with an experienced trusted advisor to call on when it’s needed. From a quick question over Slack asking for recommendations, to ongoing support over a stick HR problem, it’s amazing how often it’s useful to have another senior and experienced person on-side.

I often see the coaching element of what I do as being more forward looking, where the mentoring deals more with the realities of the short-term and immediate issues.

“As a lone agency founder, Mat has saved me from my ‘lonely at the top’ existence. Working with him has allowed me to bounce ideas and questions and benefit from his experience, insights and ability to get me to the core of an issue with (mostly) gentle questioning!”

-Duncan Davidson, Rohallion

Why work with a specialist Digital Agency Mentor?

Working with a Mentor means having additional experience and insight to call on when you need it. Although generalist business mentors can bring valuable insight to different parts of the business, having someone on-side with experience in your specific sector has some clear benefits.

Having built, grown and sold my own agency, I have decades of agency specific experience. Many failures, many success and many lessons to be learned from both. It also means a network to call on and empathy to the challenges specific to our sector.

What does Mentoring cost, & how does it work?

Working with me costs under £500/month, but you don’t just get a Mentor for that. Mentoring comes as part of Agency Advisor; combining mentoring, coaching and non-exec oversight to bring you the right support when you need it. Learn more about how this works below.

All in one: Agency Mentor, Coach & Non-exec

Having a dedicated mentor can either mean relying on goodwill or paying for a service that you don’t consistently use. That is why I roll mentoring in as part of what I do as an agency advisor. By combining Coaching, Mentoring and NED provision into one role I can fill all those gaps in one convenient and valuable relationship.  Click the button to learn more about how that works.