A little bit of random fun for a lazy Saturday morning: I’ve created a tool to help you convey complex emotions through the medium of emjoi. Just what the world needs, I am sure.

I’ve been experimenting a lot with GPT3 and AI text generation of late:  GPT3 is algorithm that predicts the most likely text to follow in a sequence based on it having consumed and digested a very significant proportion of the web. It can generate human looking text in a way that can (sometimes) be frighteningly convincing. I’ve been submerged in the world of GPT3 / AI Text for a few weeks, so when I saw the following tweet I thought “I wonder…”

I immediately thought of some of the excellent tools that Danny Richman has been building using GPT3 in Google Sheets and decided to build one of my own based Baz’s idea. This is only a few minutes work, so please don’t take it too seriously, here’s a screenshot and there is a link below if you’d like to have a play with it;



If you would like to have a play with the tool for yourself, you can make a copy of the spreadheet here.  When you first open the sheet you’ll see an error, that is because you need to add your own OpenAI key (it takes 1 min to sign up for one of these here. Just copy and paste your API key into the sheet)

Get your own copy of The Complex Feelings Emojificator