Digital Agency Mentor & Coach

Running a digital agency can be difficult. Whilst the demand for digital services has increased, as has the competition both for clients and talent. It can take all of your energy just to stand still, meaning that growth can sometimes come painfully slowly.

I have run digital agencies for 25 years and sold my own agency in 2021. I’ve learned a few things along the way, often deliberately, but also by making some expensive mistakes. I now use that experience to help other agency leaders hit their goals, grow their businesses and make fewer mistakes of their own along the way.

What types of agencies do I work with?

I mostly work with small digital agencies from founder only to founder + 10 staff. My direct experience is with Development, SEO and Monetisation. I am always happy to speak with any agency looking for support, but small, technical, digital agencies are where I feel I can bring the biggest impact.

How does it work?

My approach is a combination of Mentoring, Coaching and Accountability. I work with my agency clients to help them better define their goals and the key steps along the path. Through regular contact, we work to solve issues that slow the agency’s journey along that path. Having time set aside with a trusted advisor to work on the business, rather than responding to it, helps the business find traction and move more quickly.

The ideal way to work is having twice-monthly meetings, with at least one of those meetings being face to face. If geography or circumstances make meeting in-person difficult then shorter remote meetings four times a month works well too.

What does it cost?

I have a simple and transparent approach to pricing with my services costing as little as £273/month based on pre booking 6 full days and working together for four hours a month. You can get started for free though. Get in contact for a free initial consultation where I can learn more about your business and we can start talking about how you would like to improve it.