Digital Agency Mentor & Coach

Running an agency is a hard way to make a living. Trying to grow or change that agency whilst also looking after the day to day can feel close to impossible, with conflicting demands pulling you in different directions. That is where I come in.

I have run digital agencies for 25 years and sold my own agency in 2021. I’ve learned a few things along the way, often deliberately, but also by making some expensive mistakes. I now use that experience to help other agency leaders hit their goals, improve their businesses and make fewer mistakes of their own along the way.

Options for every digital agency

I offer three ways of working to suit agencies at different stages. These range from informal check-ins to filling an ongoing role in your organisation. In the middle I have a more traditional coaching/mentor offering. Whichever option suits you, I only want agency leaders to work with me as long as they feel the value. Therefore I don’t have any minimum period or contractual tie ins.

I also offer a 20% discount on my rates to organisations that meet at least one of the following criteria: Registered charity, UK registered CIC, Certified B Corp, Privately owned with 3 or fewer employees.


£375 per month
(£300 for qualifying orgs)

As your Advisor I meet with you remotely two to four times a month. There is no fixed agenda to these sessions and discussions are led by you and the issues/challenges occupying your thoughts that week.

My role in these meetings is to give you as much benefit from my experience as you need during the call. That can take many forms: Sounding board, sense check, challenging ideas, sharing past experience, imparting knowledge, adding additional insight or more. The goal is to help you make better decisions with more confidence.

Between meetings, you will also have access to my private slack should a high-priority issue arise that cannot wait until our next call.


£750 per month
(£600 for qualifying orgs)

Coaching & Mentoring involves 2-4 scheduled meetings each month. This is usually done in the form of two longer meetings plus shorter check-ins. These meetings cover the informal Advisor aspect, but are also guided by a more structured process of defining and clarifying goals, setting way points and guiding progress towards them through defined 90 day goals.

The approach is a combination of Coaching, Mentoring and Accountability that improves your agency’s progress towards clearly defined goals.

Coaching/Mentoring clients also have access to my private Slack, with fair-use access of that during work hours for any additional support or guidance needed between scheduled calls.

Fractional Executive

From £1500 per month
(£1200 for qualifying orgs)

Bringing me on board as a fractional executive allows you to strengthen your leadership team, without the cost or commitment of a full time hire. You benefit from an additional, experienced hand in the business, but in a way that offers far lower risk and greater flexibility than traditional routes.

I’ll bring my experience to your leadership meetings and tackle specific internal projects that align with my expertise in strategy, operations and agency marketing.

Working as a semi-permanent member of your team I can support you through events, training and remote work, as well as on-site where practicable (London and Central South – see below).

Agency Accountability Coaching

One risk of being your own boss can sometimes be a lack of accountability. Where this is a challenge I am happy to provide that accountability; helping your set clearer goals, prioritising actions that will take you closer to them, and keeping your focus on them despite the distractions that agency life always throws up.

The outcome of this more of the work your do moving your towards those goals. Traction.

Goal setting > Prioritisation > Accountability