Mentoring for Agency Leaders

Running an agency is a hard way to make a living. Trying to grow or change that agency whilst also looking after the day to day can feel close to impossible, with conflicting demands pulling you in different directions. That is where I come in.

I have run digital agencies for 25 years and sold my own agency in 2021. I’ve learned a few things along the way, often deliberately, but also by making some expensive mistakes. I now use that experience to help other agency leaders hit their goals, improve their businesses and make fewer mistakes of their own.

How mentoring works

When you engage me as a mentor you get the benefit of another experienced agency leader in your corner. Scheduled calls every 2 weeks are your time with me to use how you please: For many that most often takes the form of talking through current issues, with me questioning and guiding conversation to help you find your own best answers. Other times it is more direct with clients asking for direct input based on my own knowledge and experience.

Another common feature is priority and focus. Regular time to talk through business issues, with a knowledgeable person guiding and questioning can be a powerful way to cut through noise and get clarity around what needs to be done. This naturally then leads into accountability, helping you to get more of what you know needs to be done DONE.

Whilst it’s good to keep things adaptable, I do steer things away from being entirely reactive. In our first couple of calls we’ll explore where you and the business are now and how you what changes you would like to see. This exploration helps me steer future conversations back to those goals, which we regularly update and review. 

Should you need input or opinion between our scheduled calls, that is fine too. I give all agency leaders I work with access to my private slack for those quick inputs and questions that can’t wait for our next scheduled time together. 

“Mat does an excellent job of guiding me through managing stakeholder and investor relations, team management, and keeping me on track with the plan for growth which is both right for the business, and for me as a person too”

-Alfie Payne, APE Group

Why work with a mentor?

Understanding where my clients get value from my support has become a bit of a fascination for me, as the answers I get to that question are so varied. The reassuring thing is that everyone finds that value, but what form it takes differs. I’ve collected some of the diverse answers into themes below:

Clarity: The chance to talk things through. Together we unpick, question and challenge plans. We improve them, break them down into manageable parts and prioritise what needs doing.

Accountability: Conversations ensure that plans become reality and diversions only occur when it is right to. Ensuring the job doesn’t become firefighting and that progress is made is in the right direction.

Practical: Drawing on experience relevant to direct challenges. Advice, past experience, recommendations and introductions. Developing process and bringing in new ideas.

It’s difficult to summarise. Adapting the support to fit what each client needs is part of the fun for me and what ensures value for the people I work with. 

“Mat has been instrumental in helping me develop my business. Working with Mat has helped me make real progress on developing my business/agency after many years of going round in circles and struggling to pick the right direction to move forwards in. “

-Lorraine McConechy, Keen

What does it cost?

My pricing is simple. I charge £375 per month with no minimum commitment or tie-in. I offer a discount of 20% (£300 per month) to organisations that have 3 or fewer companies, are registered charities or CICs or are certified B Corps.

“Mat has helped us to push forward, setting clear goals and holding us accountable to them. His insights in the industry have also been incredibly useful. To top it all off we knew he was good at content marketing, but his recent work to support us has blown me away.”

-Daniel Jones, MODN

Find out more

The nature of my service means that I always have limited availability. If what you have read on this page sounds of interest, the next step would be for us to have an initial introductory chat over Meet or Zoom. You can either click the button below to book that in below, or click here to contact me if you have any questions.

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