Content for Technical Agencies

Content is an essential part of modern marketing. It helps new leads find us and potential customers have confidence in what we do. From the words that sell your services and the articles that bring new prospects from search to the social media posts that peak interest: Words are important. They’re also hard.

I’ve spent my entire digital career working in the same room as developers, web-designers, SEOs and PPC specialists. Few are as good at communicating the value of what they do as they are at delivering it, which is where I come in. I help technical agencies to produce content that connects with their audience.

How I help Agencies produce better content

I ran a technical agency for most of my adult life. Content was the centre of our business development, and I always remained at the centre of that content. I am not another content specialist who focuses on technical agencies. I am a technical agency guy who now writes. I know how to write, but more importantly, I know what to write to support your agency business.


I help agencies in different ways, depending on what they need. For some I simply write regular articles (either under my name, or white-labelled). For others I develop the content strategy and direct the content, leaving the writing to others. I can also do both.

  • Content strategies : What content will deliver results for you
  • Process and tactics : A playbook to consistently turn out good quality to serve that strategy, using the resources you have available
  • Execution : Website copy, article writing, blogging and social media posts

For agencies that need help with their positioning and broader marketing strategy, I can also do this through a Mentoring relationship. 

Would you benefit from better content?

If you think you could benefit from this, let’s chat. Telling me more about your agency and the goals and where content fits in to you plans will help me understand where I can help. I can then share some relevant examples with you and we can discuss how I may be be able to help. Just Contact me today.